I'm alive

2016-06-13 01:05:01 by stingybee

I live!
For the moment
just checking up things here, and submitting new art~

Slowly but surely

2014-01-22 14:22:42 by stingybee

gonna post more in here

still can't use flash because it hates me

maybe one day i can~ 

I'm so dead in here...

2011-06-30 13:59:43 by stingybee

not that i don't wanna be here...
i lie
i guess i should update here often
kay done bye


I Need to Keep Up in Here

2010-09-29 15:57:24 by stingybee

i need keep up with this site
well i still have time till my 2nd quarter starts again
so ill submit some more stuff here

oh yeah
my bday passed recently on sunday lol
it was great fun XP
i think that's all i have to say now
....yeah lol

well ill submit more



2010-07-19 02:36:01 by stingybee

my first ever animation work~!
its not much as flash, but hey
i worked on it for 2 days with 126-135 pics (on a 3 minute song)
im very proud how it came out, and gonna do more music/entertainment animation soon :)
i wish i can submit it here, but i cant lol
hope you all like it

/* */
i love this so much~

WELL! First of all...

2010-07-09 16:35:48 by stingybee

I REALLY want to clear this
"comparing" my original sonic characters to other sonic characters
it was.... kinda irritating me... sorry lol but it was >_<;
i made a mini-rant comic of my teams (except of Team Kit-Kat)
full view on the link, cuz they wont on here

i (or the teams) had to repeat myself (themselves) on the rant
so you will GET IT next time
please understand D:


/* */
This was dedicated to my bf ^_^ (he's also the one in the video)
he loved all, except the fact he was a bunny and the master he killed was me
but he liked it anywayz lol~
its from a Vocaloid song called "Story About A Poor Rabbit" [[if you don't like Vocaloid, don't flame]]
the original video is the description of this one.

about this nose issue
its how i draw MY nose, just me
its MY style
and i always color in my nose
Soul Eater has the SAME noses
so what's the problem?
here's a pic of an example


Check Out the Video I Made~! + Why I draw my nose "like an animal" they say...

Good Points

2010-06-08 16:11:27 by stingybee

/* */
i was recently watching this and i agreed on everything
i saw all parts, but this isn't the only sonic show
it talked about the sonic shows plus the sonic movie, and it made good points
what do you think about the video? just your honest opinion
no bashing nor flaming

few people i know have been talking about Pokemon black and white
and i think nintendo is running out of colors XD or pokemon shtick/puns
i think that's all
the pokemon thing was unnecessary, i just didnt know what to put lol

Howdy Peeps~!

2010-05-19 20:43:14 by stingybee

few may know me, most may not lmao
but im new to NG, i hope i make good companions here :3
i already set up both my avatars and banner
plus submitting some of my artwork from DA <3

unfortunately i dont have flash nor how to work with one D;
hopefully, ill learn sooner or later lol
but for now, i submit artwork~
hope ya'll like it :D

i submitted a contest entry to Egoraptor's Character Contest thing

Howdy Peeps~!