Entry #9

I'm alive

2016-06-13 01:05:01 by stingybee

I live!
For the moment
just checking up things here, and submitting new art~


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2016-06-14 00:37:09

Well no shit, it's been forever since I've seen new stuff from you :O

stingybee responds:

Life's been happening man.


2016-07-15 18:13:48

Yup, curveballs, blind corners, speed bumps, fly paper, Murphy's Law, too much spice...

stingybee responds:

Exactly my guy.


2016-09-02 03:05:00

I've always been okay with your work, kinda hard to leave a review when all's well. Wouldn't mind seeing some light backgrounds or compositional pieces, a little extra to go along with a character.